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I don’t think I did this right.. I nominate @chelseakane for the #ALSicebucketchallenge. Stay dry & donate at www.ALSA.org

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Oz Comic Con - Sunday 6th of June

Okay. Someone asked me to tell my Comic Con stories so I’m going to try and remember everything that was vaguely important or cool so just hang in there. Firstly - these photos are shitastic. The lighting for Stage One was just… horrible. Though probably not helped out by my iPhone camera not being amazing. ANYWAY….

I decided to go to Comic Con on a whim, I’ve never been to a con before but I casually checked out the site after seeing a promo on The Project and discovered that there was going to be A VERONICA MARS PANEL on the Sunday afternoon. So basically I just decided I would go on my own (I have this thing about going places on my own… it’s weird.) ANYWAY. Best decision.

So I got in and did a circuit of the venue (took me awhile, there was a lot of people and a lot of cosplay that I kind of paused to watch… cosplay is amazing, honestly… also there was tattooing happening. The sound of a tattoo gun is like a sirens call for me) and then decided to find Stage One, which I did and saw the last half of Jennifer Morrison’s panel (she’s so tiny and gorgeous!) she called Hook, Emma’s “kind-of boyfriend”. She got asked what it was like to have to play daughter to Ginnifer Goodwin’s character while her and Ginnifer are of a similar age, (also folks, apparently IMDB is wrong and Josh Dallas is couple of months older than JMo… she really wanted to make that clear.) which she had a great answer about finding the balance for their relationship being parental yet also more a friendship because of their age. Anyway. Interesting. She also had a giant cup of Starbucks. Which was amusing. 

Anyway, another hour wasted and I lined up for the Arthur Darvill panel. Which was glorious is all it’s awkwardness and hilarity. It’s school holidays in Melbourne so there were a lot of kids in the panel and a lot of them asked questions and I have to say, Arthur was amazing with them. One of the first questions was along the lines of “Which Doctor Who alien would you choose to be your guard dog and why?” To which Arthur responded with “The Silence… by the way my answer to everything is The Silence.” and he joked about his memory (apparently not so good) THEN he sang us a “typically australian song”… which turned out to be Kylie Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’. Honestly fantastic.

I lined up early for the Veronica Mars panel (around 3.30 and the panel didn’t start till 4.30) so hanging around in the chilly 14 degree (that’s Celsuis peeps) Melbourne drizzle was not the awesomest moment of my life. Totally worth it for my third row seat at the panel though.

First things first (i’m dah realest), Sam Huntington is freaking hilarious. He needs to be in more things that I watch. He and Aaron where a good foil for Jason, as Jason is kind of reserved. So things I learned from the panel are.

- Jason hinted at us maybe hearing something about a second movie in the next six months or so.
- He also indicated that some people may pop up on Ryan Hansen’s spin off about Dick.
- Aaron would really like to be in the next movie.
- Sam wanted to be a part of the big fight during the reunion in the movie.
- Aaron likes Tool and a friend recently introduced him to Puscifer (if you don’t know the common denominator there, it’s Maynard James Keenan)
- Aaron also recently got married
- Jason likes Bastille (and their covers)
- If Jason had a “Logan’s inspirational voice mail message” it would be, The mind is unlike a rubber band, once moved by an idea cannot return to its previous dimensions (I probably paraphrased the shit out of that… sorry)
- One girl started off her question with “I’m sorry Aaron but I just found out from Comic Con today that there are two of you…” to which Aaron responded with “Story of my life… people just think… that guy works a lot.”
- Aaron said his biggest “Holy shit I’m famous moment” was in an airport where Alice Cooper approached him and his co-stars from Warehouse 13 and told them he loved the show.
- The talked a lot about the scene where they went to Tijuana. Jason apparently asked Sam what being drunk was like. (Sam commented on being a “seasoned drinker” at that point)

I feel like there are tonnes of other things that I’m forgetting but that’s the stuff I remember. Anyway. Comic Con. Awesome. Can’t wait to do it again.

Oh! Also… surprised at the amount of people who cosplayed Misfits! I saw at least three people in orange jumpsuits with “Community Blowback” on them. That was pretty awesome. 

Kind of gnarled out I missed out on catching either the Dante Brasco panel or the Game of Thrones panel but unfortunately I was spending that time driving around Melbourne searching for a park. Good times.

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I will follow you until the end of the world, my home is where you are…


I will follow you until the end of the world, my home is where you are…

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Celebrities take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS. (Part 1)

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misha’s ice bucket challenge

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What you and I have makes me free.

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